Fractionation is a new technology that is helping advance skin care. There latest form of fractionated laser technology is ablative fractionation. There are two technologies available that produce ablative fractionation, CO2 and Erbium. CO2 technology has been popular because it is capable of small spots and of deep treatment. The drawback with CO2 has always been long recoveries. The NaturaLase Er combined with the Fractionated Hand Piece Accessory is capable of depts. of over 1000 microns (1 mm) per laser pulse. Erbium can now match CO2 depth without stacking pulses. With Erbium fractionation long healing times are no longer a problem.


The NaturaLase Er can now be supplied with a fractionation hand piece. A new optional hand piece produces a fractionated output that maximizes collagenesis and reduces patient down time. The flexibility to do traditional ablative resurfacing or fractional ablative rejuvenation provides the options needed to satisfy a wide range of patient expectations.


The NaturaLase Er Fractional Hand Piece is designed to deliver skin and wrinkle treatments with very short recovery times. This optional accessory consists of two fractionating hand pieces. One is designed for light treatments and the other for deeper treatments.

The advantage of this technology is that spared tissue is not heated or damaged in any way. Healing progresses from the undamaged tissue to the removed tissue and tissue tightening is enhanced by the removal of a percentage of the tissue. Also, as tissue is removed the laser beam penetrates directly to the next layer. With no scattering of the beam the energy applied is able to continue unobstructed and undiluted into the tissue. The entire process is much more linear and much more predictable.

Applications and Treatments

Skin Rejuvenation
Pigmented Lesions
Skin Resurfacing

Specifications: Light Treatment

Spot Size Light Treatment: 10 mm Square
Micro Thermal Pattern Light Treatment: 49 MTZ (7 x 7)
Micro Ablative Zone Light Treatment: 450 microns
Fluence (each MTZ) Light Treatment: 1.5 J/cm2 to 10 J/cm2
Ablation Depth Light Treatment: 25 to 150 microns
Ablation Factor Light Treatment: 50 microns per joule

Specifications: Deep Treatment

Spot Size: 10 mm Square
Micro Thermal Pattern: 7 MTZ (1 x 7)
Micro Ablative Zone: 450 microns
Fluence (each MTZ): 35 J/cm2 to 270 J/cm2
Ablation Depth: 180 to 1080 microns
Ablation Factor: 360 microns per joule

Key Benefits

Fast Recovery
All Skin Types
Topical Anesthesia
Less Hand Holding
Less Complications
More Versatile Technology


NaturaLase ER Accessory from Focus Medical

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