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NaturaLase LP

The NaturaLase LP is an incredibly powerful, versatile, reliable, and well designed laser system that creates multiple treatment opportunities from one system. It offers a breakthrough hair removal solution - a gentle, rapid treatment with minimal patient discomfort that is suitable for all skin types. With 60 watts of power the LP delivers unprecedented speed with fluences and spot sizes that will maximize efficacy and safety. The LP is the most versatile, effective, and powerful Nd:YAG available.


The NaturaLase LP also sets a new standard of care for the treatment of leg veins, facial veins, and vascular lesions. More energy with a bigger spot size, equals better beam penetration, faster treatments, and better efficacy.

Applications and Treatments

Hair Removal
Skin Rejuvenation
Vascular Lesions
Leg Veins


Laser Source: Nd:YAG
Delivery System: Fiber Optic Cable
Dimensions: 27"(66 cm) x 17"(43 cm) x 50"(124 cm)
Weight: 110 Lbs. (50 kg)
Power requirements: 110, 200, 220, or 240VAC

Key Benefits

Patients get the results that they want
Integrated air cooling system protects skin
Large spot sizes for consistent and fast operation
Unmatched Power
Made in USA


NaturaLase LP from Focus Medical

Applications: Hair Removal  |  Skin Rejuvenation  |  Skin Resurfacing  |  Pigmented Lesions  |  Vascular Lesions  |  Leg veins  |  Tattoo Removal
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