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Freedom of expression and an artistic tattoo seemed like a great idea in our younger days but many people come to regret this decision later. Our technology will eliminate the pigment from the tattoo leaving it transparent and effectively removed.

The NaturaLase 1064 uses a large spot and a flat top beam to deliver  energy deeper into the skin with much less damage to the surface of  the skin. Deeper penetration means a higher fluence at the target and  a lower fluence at the surface. Skin damage at the surface is reduced while the higher fluence at the target promotes better efficacy.

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NaturaLase 1064
NaturaLase QS









Applications: Hair Removal  |  Skin Rejuvenation  |  Skin Resurfacing  |  Pigmented Lesions  |  Vascular Lesions  |  Leg veins  |  Tattoo Removal
Products: NaturaLase 1064  |  NaturaLase QS  |  NaturaLase LP  |  NaturaLase Er  |  NaturaLight  |  NaturaBrador